About Us

Riding is not a hobby, it’s a way of life


CABASUS is a movement created by young people to make a difference in the quality life of our dearest friend.

Our Believe

Riding is not a hobby, it’s a way of life

It is up to us humans to care for it, to keep it healthy and to make sure that it lacks nothing.

Our Purpose

Bring our community together and use technology to build products that can help us save the life of our horses.

Our Vision

We at CABASUS are horse lovers through and through. The well-being of every single horse in the world is close to our hearts. Sustainably improving the lives of as many horses as possible is our vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect every single horse owner and rider around the world to his or her horse at all times.

Our brand ambassador

Maja Hegge

Maja loves horses and has a special talent, in a fine way, to deal with these wonderful creatures.

Her two ponies Gijs and Quandro have been with her since foal age and with them she is in demand throughout Germany as a trainer and show act.

2017 turned out to be her absolute highlight year. At the Mustang Makeover Germany she enchanted the jury and audience with her mare Taipa. The final she decided with a dreamlike freestyle for herself and may now call the very first winner of this event.

The key to their success? Fun at work and always in harmony with the horses!

Maja's philosophy is reflected in the values of CABASUS and so we are very proud to count her as a brand ambassador to our team.

Our advisors

Franziska Becker


"CABASUS opens new ways in terms of horse health and motion analysis, allowing me to record specific movements and use the information for my therapy or training. CABASUS will preventively recognize movement restrictions or changes in the future and sustainably support the health of our horses."

We Are  Cabasus