Improve the health and performance of your horse with the CABASUS app and tracker

The CABASUS wearable along with the app tracks your horse's fitness and health data 24/7 to analyze its condition, training successes and potential health threats with immediate notifications

Learn more about how CABASUS can help you manage the daily routines, health and performance of your horse

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Events dates and appointments can be saved retroactively

Cabasus is the guardian of your horse: it can help you detect problems or grievances at an early stage and protect it from consequential damage

Capture your best moments

24 hours - 7 days a week

Receive updates about the daily activity and the movement of your horse

Improve your horse's fitness and stay up-to-date

Share it with family and friends

It's in your hand - it's on your horse's hoof

Enjoy the substantial:

Your horse

With our solution we want to allow horse owners and riders to focus on the essentials – the time together with the partner horse – and to enjoy it without having to worry about to fail to see something or to be not aware of a change in the horse,because you are not at his side.

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