CABASUS has been nominated for the Innovation Spoga Innovation Award.
Come visit us at the Spoga horse event this september 3-5th in Cologne, Germany.

More Information

The CABASUS mobile app is being tested by our supporters. If you are interested in being one of the first to test the Cabasus App, please Contact us

CABASUS Wearable

The CABASUS Wearable is the first fitness & activity tracker that gives you insights into the health and fitness of your horse. It has been designed to track the daily activity of your horse and notifies you via the CABASUS App when it has detected early signs of colics or lameness along with preventative measures to follow for a healthy horse.

CABASUS App Riding Disciplines

The CABASUS mobile app is designed to connect you with your horse at all time. It can be used as a standalone app so you can track the fitness of your horse while riding and share it with friends, family and social media. Available now for beta testers.

Horse Sharing Features

Interact with friends, family and fellow horse riders. Sharing features allows you to keep everyone informed with the latest activity and upcoming duties.

CABASUS Mobile App Features

Keep track of the health condition and well-being of your horse with the CABASUS Mobile App. Available now for Beta testers.